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Charity Partnerships

We are animal lovers.

During economic downturns, we understand that animals tend to suffer as much or more than even humans do.

Both personally and as a company, we're involved in animal rescue and fostering. Animals have no voice; they depend on humans to do the right thing, and we want to support organizations that help them.

As a result, we created Greene Nutraceuticals Animal Rescue Affiliate Partnership (ARAP), allowing approved rescue organizations to receive donations through the promotion and sale of our products.

We currently donate 10%+ of our profits to animal rescue, and started this program in an effort to do even more.


Here's how it works:

If you are an approved 501C animal rescue animal charity, let us know. We'll send a short application along with a contract confirming the commissions that are earned as a part of this program.


Once  approved, rescue's are assigned a unique promo code they can share with their supporters and followers. Simply promote our products via video, email, or social media and have your subscribers enter their code when completing their purchases. All checkout is SSL secured, and we don't share or sell our customer's information.


When a charity's followers purchase a bottle of Instant Clarity™ or Immune Gummies, they will earn a commission of $2 to $7 per bottle. We provide regular updates on orders and pay out commissions on the first day of the following month. It really is that simple.

During these uncertain times, we realize that many charities are also facing challenges and experiencing a shortfall in contributions. Our goal for this program is to create new sources of revenue and work with other companies to create affiliate networks so that when people make their essential purchases, it can help them to support their valuable work. 


Interested or have questions? Click below. 

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