Instant Clarity™ Zero Calorie Nootropic Powdered Drink - Brain Health + Energy, Focus, Mood, and Immune Support | No Crash! | Phosphatidylserine | Huperzine | Ginkgo | B12 and More!


  • MORE THAN JUST ENERGY - Instant Clarity combines energy with brain-enhancing nootropics to help you function at your peak. Backed by a 30-DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE!
  • THE REMEMBER WHERE YOU LEFT YOUR KEYS/WALLET/PHONE/ DRINK - Specially designed with EIGHT nootropics to aid memory, clarity, and clear thinking.
  • CUTS THROUGH BRAIN FOG - Find yourself feeling foggy? Didn't get enough sleep last night? Instant Clarity was developed specifically to eliminate brain fog and fatigue while increasing focus.
  • 30 LOW-COST SERVINGS OF DELICIOUS ORANGE - With NATURAL stevia, a single scoop in 8 oz of water provides the same energy as a large coffee in a tasty, orange flavor.
  • MEMORY SUPPORT - A PROVEN BLEND of memory and focus-enhancing supplements, including Ginko, Vitamin B12, Phosphatidylserine and Huperzine A enhances memory, cognition and clarity.

Instant Clarity

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